Girl Power

Madison.Kennedy.Pool.083Madison James Kennedy was named for her father…James Kennedy.
Considering herself a bit psychic, Madison’s mother was certain there would be no sons in the Kennedy family so Madison—the first born—was chosen as the bearer of her dad’s name. With two sisters following her, the prediction came true….but no one could have predicted the path that Madison James Kennedy would take athletically.

Growing up player soccer and lacrosse—on the boys’ team–and involved in summer swim league, Madison was accomplished in all three sports. Always striving to go bigger, Madison’s mother was again influential in not letting her daughter sign up for year round swim, feeling that would be too much for someone already so busy.

She was right again. When Madison finally settled on swimming as her sport, the first college early morning practice found her fully dressed, ready to get to the pool….and sound asleep.


Madison.Kennedy.Pool.014Those days are well in the past as Madison, racing the 50 and 100 Free, trains diligently, preparing for strenuous competition and her ultimate goal—2016 Summer Games in Rio. Incorporating Yoga and Pilates into her training, Madison believes that her feel of the water is more intense and expansive. “I shouldn’t be continuing to drop time at this stage of my swim career….but I am. I’ll keep training…..

….and I know I will swim until I can’t.”

Girl Power.